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At DCPS, we work to recruit, develop, and invest in a talented, caring, and diverse team to provide a learning experience where students get the rigorous, joyful, and inclusive academic and social emotional learning experiences.

That starts with ensuring that our best educators are in RISE schools.

RISE Teachers

Grow to Your Full Potential at a
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September Opportunities
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Educator Bonuses

RISE Signing Bonus

DCPS offers RISE signing bonuses of up to $2,500 


Who is eligible for the RISE signing bonus? 

  • RISE signing bonuses will be awarded to rehired or new-to-DCPS teachers who commit to teaching in specific high-need content areas at a 1-or 2-STAR school for the 2022-2023 school year and are selected for hire by the extended hire date of September 1, 2022. After the deadline, signing bonuses are eligible on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • RISE signing bonuses will also be awarded to current teachers transferring from a 3, 4, or 5-STAR DCPS school. 

Which high-need content areas are eligible for the RISE signing bonus? 

  • Special Education, English as a Second Language (ESL), World Language, Math, Visual and Performing Arts, Science, Health and Physical Education, Career and Technical Education teachers, School Psychologists, and School Social Workers hired at 1-and 2-STAR schools. 

  • Eligibility for Elementary (all content areas) candidates based on needs of school, as determined by the principal. 


Eligible hires receive their bonus in one payment in mid-fall 2022. Candidates do not need to complete any additional steps to receive signing bonuses if all eligibility qualifications are met. 

RISE Effective Educator Bonus

This pilot bonus incentive supports growth for DCPS teachers at RISE schools, providing a $5,000 bonus for classroom teachers who are moving along their LIFT stages and continuing their professional growth at our highest need schools. Like LIFT, this program is about recognizing teachers as professionals and investing in educators in our schools. DCPS teachers can receive a $5,000 bonus if they meet the following four criteria:

  • Taught at a RISE school in School Year 2021-22; AND

  • Was Advanced, Distinguished, or Expert on the DCPS LIFT career ladder in School Year 2021-22; AND

  • Earned an Effective IMPACT rating in School Year 2021-22; AND

  • Returned to a RISE school in School Year 2022-23 by August 30 in a WTU or CSO role.

Tailored Professional Development

RISE provides professional development and learning opportunities to teachers, assistant principals, and principals at our highest need schools. At DCPS, when we empower our people, our students thrive. Working across DCPS, we are creating supports for you in English Language Learning, STEM, literacy, equity, and more. 

Speaker Series

This School Year, RISE is providing opportunities for DCPS educators to engage with leading authors and educators from around the country. Speaker Series sessions will be held virtually and provide RISE educators with an opportunity to learn and reflect on their work around whole-child, equity-centered practices. 

To learn more about upcoming sessions and to register, please click the button, below! If you'd like to recommend a speaker provide a session, please email RISE@k12.dc.gov.


In Summer 2022, more than 400 DCPS educators across every RISE school registered for at least one summer learning opportunity! DCPS offered opportunities for RISE leaders and educators (CSO- and WTU- positions) to continue their learning and access top-notch professional development through 25 conferences and self-paced courses as part of the RISE initiative. Conference selections included:

  • UnboundEd's Virtual Summit

  • Multiple Learning & the Brain trainings

  • In-person Institute for Racial Equity in Literacy

To view the full selection of conferences offered in Summer 2022, click the button, below. As we begin planning for Summer 2023, we'd love to hear your recommendations! Please email RISE@k12.dc.gov to recommend a conference for our consideration.

Micro-Credentialing Program

RISE educators take self-paced, competency-based professional learning courses that can improve practice, develop specific skills, and can be used to supplement LEAP. Educators complete these programs independently, online, through DCPS-created micro-credentialing courses. At the end of the course, educators submit a portfolio of artifacts. Courses include:

  • Making Content Accessible and Challenging for All Learners;

  • Teaching Controversial Issues and Hard History;

  • Reading Theory and Cognitive Science: What Have We Learned in the Last 20 Years?; and

  • Embracing the Beauty of Cultural Discovery in Music Education.

More Professional Networking and Learning Opportunities

RISE is about providing opportunities for you to grow as a DCPS teacher, assistant principal and principal at a RISE school. Networking with one another is a critical component of empowering our people and supporting your growth as a professional.

RISE New Teacher Network (NTN)

The RISE New Teacher Network (NTN) is a series of professional learning and advising sessions designed to support novice and new-to-DCPS teachers. Learn more by clicking the links, below!

Additional RISE networking opportunities include:

  • RISE Together Early Literacy Professional Learning Community;

  • Harvard Division of Continuing Education Professional Development for RISE Teacher Leaders;

  • RISE Exploring Leadership Cohort; and

  • RISE Equity Champions.