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RISE Schools

At DCPS, we work to promote equity, eliminate opportunity gaps, and systematically interrupt institutional bias. That’s why we identified the DCPS schools that received a 1- or 2- STAR rating on the DC School Report Card as RISE schools.


Teachers, assistant principals, and principals can access additional resources through professional development and performance-based compensation at the following RISE schools:

Education Campuses

Browne EC

Cardozo EC

Walker-Jones EC

Wheatley EC


Eliot-Hine MS

Johnson MS

Kelly Miller MS

Kramer MS

MacFarland MS

McKinley MS

Sousa MS


Anacostia HS

Ballou HS

Ballou STAY HS

Coolidge HS

Dunbar HS

Eastern HS

H.D. Woodson HS

Ron Brown HS

Roosevelt HS

Roosevelt STAY HS


Aiton ES
Beers ES
Bunker Hill ES

CW Harris ES

Drew ES

Garfield ES

Hendley ES

Houston ES

King ES

Langley ES

Leckie ES

Miner ES

Moten ES

Noyes ES

Patterson ES

Simon ES

Smothers ES

Stanton ES

Thomas ES

Tubman ES

Turner ES

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