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RISE Micro-Credentialing Program

RISE educators take self-paced, competency-based professional learning courses that can improve practice, develop specific skills, and can be used to supplement LEAP. Educators complete these programs independently, online, through DCPS-created micro-credentialing courses. At the end of the course, educators submit a portfolio of artifacts. 

Currently, 80 courses have been developed and are aligned to DCPS priorities, DCPS Essential Practices, and content-specific best practices. Additional approved courses are available through partnerships with OSSE, Digital Promise, the National Education Association, and Aspire (Loyola University). 

Courses include:

  • Making Content Accessible and Challenging for All Learners;

  • Teaching Controversial Issues and Hard History;

  • Reading Theory and Cognitive Science: What Have We Learned in the Last 20 Years?;

  • Embracing the Beauty of Cultural Discovery in Music Education;

  • Algebraic Thinking for Grades K-2; and

  • Dyslexia 101.

Frequently Asked Questions about the RISE Micro-Credentialing Program

What are micro-credentials? Micro-credentials are self-paced, competency-based professional learning experiences that can be used to supplement LEAP and develop specific skills. Micro-credentials can be completed independently, online, and require an authentic demonstration of the competency, which is assessed by expert reviewers through a mini-portfolio of artifacts (e.g., video, student work samples, planning documents, surveys, reflections). Micro-credentials align to the RISE objective of improving educator effectiveness through individualized learning and supports.

How much is the micro-credentialing stipend? Educators at RISE schools can receive a RISE Micro-Credential Launch Stipend of $150 for successfully completing their first DCPS-created micro-credential course in Term 2 or Term 3 of School Year 2021-22. We are providing this stipend to encourage educators to try this new mode of learning and to provide feedback to DCPS.

What is the criteria for receiving a stipend? To receive the RISE Micro-Credential Launch Stipend, teachers must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a teacher, instructional coach, or school leader at a RISE school during School Year 2022-23; AND

  • Register and enroll in a DCPS-created micro-credential by March 18, 2023; AND

  • Submit all required materials and assessments by April 18, 2023; AND

  • Earn a passing score on the micro-credential assessment(s); AND

  • File a note of completion by April 29, 2023, when you have received your digital badge for completion.

Why is this opportunity limited to teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders? This is a grant-funded program through the U.S. Department of Education and is currently only available to teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders at RISE schools.

Can any micro-credential be completed for the stipend? No, individuals may only earn a stipend for completing one of the DCPS-created micro-credentials listed in the Micro-Credential Course Catalog. The eligible courses have a dark blue DCPS tag in the description. Note: MC000 Micro-credential & Badging Orientation is a prerequisite for beginning a micro-credential, but completing only this orientation will not qualify an individual for the stipend.

Can I earn stipends for additional micro-credentials I complete? At this time, educators may only earn the Micro-Credential Launch Stipend for the very first DCPS-created micro-credential they complete. Educators may only enroll in one micro-credential course at a time, but are able to take multiple micro-credential courses during the school year. If you decide to complete more than one micro-credential course, you will not receive another $150 stipend; however, all successfully completed micro-credentials are eligible for professional learning units (PLUs).

When will stipends be awarded? The stipend should be included in your paycheck a few weeks after the completion of Term 2 or 3.


Do I have to take the MC000 Micro-credential & Badging Orientation course? Yes, this is an orientation course that will help you learn about what to expect in a micro-credential course. It is not a part of the stipend.

How many DCPS-created micro-credentials are there? To date, 80 micro-credentials have been developed by DCPS educators to address DCPS priorities, skills and strategies related to the DCPS Essential Practices, and Content-Specific Best Practices in Math, ELA, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Global Studies. As a part of the RISE Initiative, DCPS-created micro-credential courses will continue to be developed across content areas and grade bands. If you do not find a micro-credential related to your content area or grade band, please share your recommendations with


What other micro-credentials does DCPS sponsor? Additional micro-credentials aligned to these domains will be available to all RISE educators through partnerships with OSSE, Digital Promise, the National Education Association, and ASPIRE (Loyola University, Maryland). Select RISE schools will also pilot micro-credentials offered through BloomBoard. The RISE grant will cover all assessment fees associated with micro-credentials. Successfully completing micro-credentials from these vendors results in PLUs, but does not make one eligible for the RISE Micro-Credential Launch Stipend.

What determines if an earner passes the micro-credential? To determine whether an earner has successfully completed the micro-credential, the earner’s submissions for the micro-credential course task(s) must be assessed by the micro-credential designer or another trained assessor. Assessors generally provide feedback on a task within two weeks. If the task meets all the criteria, the earner will be awarded their digital badge via email and should file a notice of completion for the micro-credential so that their PLUs and stipend can be processed.

If I don’t pass the assessment, can I still earn the stipend? The stipend is only awarded for successful completion. All DCPS-created assessments have a resubmission option. If you do not meet the criteria to pass on your first attempt, you are able to revise and resubmit one time per micro-credential course.

Where can I learn more about my micro-credential options? A full catalog of micro-credential options, guidance on selecting micro-credentials, and instructions on enrolling in micro-credentials can be found on the RISE PLP Canvas Site. You can also reach out to the Professional Learning team at with questions.

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