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Summer 2022 Conference FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the RISE Summer Professional Development for RISE Educators! Reach out to the RISE inbox with additional questions:

Stipends FAQ

  • Who is eligible to receive a stipend? WTU members from RISE schools are eligible to receive stipends for the hours that they participate in these conferences.  

  • What is the stipend amount?  Educators will be paid at their hourly administrative premium rate for hours that they engage with the conference, up to the maximum conference stipend. The maximum stipend for individual conferences is based on each conference’s schedule and posted on the main conference page. Please note that while you are welcome to engage with asynchronous content that virtual conferences provide, you will not be eligible for compensation beyond the stated maximum.  

  • Why can’t I earn a stipend for June 27? Due to the shift in the school year calendar, June 27 is now a Records Day and PD. Staff are expected to complete the duties set forward by their school leader. Staff will be paid through their regular salary and DCPS cannot pay a stipend amount for those same hours.

  • How do I earn the stipend? Educators must return to a RISE School for SY22-23 in order to receive a stipend. At the end of each day of the conference you attend as part of RISE Professional Development, a link to this conference form will be emailed to you. Responses on this form will be used as your official documentation for attending the conference each day and in calculating your stipend. For some conferences, you may be asked to submit additional conference-specific attendance documentation.

  • When will the stipend be given? Stipends will be paid out next school year. 

  • Are 11-month employees eligible to attend conferences and receive stipends? 11-month WTU RISE educators are welcome to attend conferences and are eligible for a stipend.  

  • Is travel covered? All in-person conferences are local. The registration fee for the conference is covered by DCPS and you will receive a stipend for attending the conference. However, DCPS cannot cover any transportation costs to and from conferences.

Eligibility FAQ

  • Who is eligible to attend conferences? You are eligible to attend a conference if you teach at a RISE School in a WTU-position or CSO-position. 

  • SY 22-23 will be my first year at a RISE school. Can I still attend a conference and earn a stipend? If you are currently a DCPS school-based employee (WTU or CSO), you may attend a conference and earn a stipend. If not, you may attend a conference, but are not eligible to earn a stipend.   

  • SY 21-22 will be my last year at a RISE school. Can I still attend a conference? Educators who are leaving DCPS after SY21-22 may not sign up for conferences.

  • What are RISE schools? RISE schools are the 42 schools who received a 1- or 2-STAR rating on the DC Report Card. Click here to see the 42 RISE schools.

  • I am teaching summer school. Am I able to attend conferences? Educators teaching summer school may ONLY participate in conferences and receive payment for content that occurs outside of the summer school dates.

  • Are paraprofessionals or instructional aides able to attend conferences? Due to limitations of RISE grant funding, only WTU and CSO union members are able to register for conferences and receive stipends.


Applying to Conferences FAQ

  • Why did DCPS select these conferences? We selected a variety of conferences to meet the needs and interest areas of DCPS RISE educators. Conferences are available virtually or in-person (in the DMV area) and focus on themes including instructional practices, social-emotional learning, and equity.  

  • Will other conferences be added? We do not plan to add additional conferences for this summer.

  • I'm interested in a different conference. Will DCPS pay for it? Only the conferences listed here will be offered this summer. However, we invite your recommendations for future years. You can email the RISE inbox at to suggest a conference.

  • Where do I apply? You can apply on this website! You will receive an email from the RISE team confirming your attendance at a conference or seeking additional information.

  • What are the key deadlines? The application window opens on May 13. The last day to apply is June 7. Conference spots are limited so we encourage you to apply early.

  • Is there a limit to how many conferences that I can attend? RISE educators can attend more than one conference. We encourage you to apply for multiple conferences that you are interested in. As our team reviews applications we will work to ensure that as many educators as possible are able to attend one conference and allow educators to attend more than one if space allows.

  • I’m on a waitlist to attend a conference. What does that mean? It means that all of the conference seats that DCPS purchased have been reserved. If someone can no longer attend, we will reach out to those on the waitlist. You can also attend other conferences that still have open positions.

  • What if I can no longer attend a conference I signed up for? Please email to ensure your conference slot can be reassigned to another RISE colleague. 

  • Will I receive PLUs for attending these conferences? Courses and conferences listed in in the RISE Summer Conference Catalog will NOT be reflected on your DCPS Professional Learning transcript, but it may be possible to receive PLUs from OSSE. Please visit this page for OSSE PLU information.

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